Reporter: What will be COGNISHIELD the brain in the future?

Reporter: What will be COGNISHIELD the brain in the future?


Small, in the not too distant future so we will have the ability to monitor and stimulate the activity of individual brain cells. Scholars and equipment necessary to do so, through a sensitive controlled by the laser, which can stimulate neurons protein rays of light. In short, we can also examine and correct our neural circuits at the moment, they are similar to those of controls TV. We have also grown in the lower part of the head, which allows our minds to connect computers and machines will understand commands in the brain. Computers have also become faster and more efficient, and that when they become adults base, and not under the pretext of brain differences between generations, and we’ll talk about the differences between computers and the human brain. One of the topics that dominated the science fiction for years. As we have seen, it may be the future of current imagination. (Cognishield).

Very interesting, especially for those in the abandonment of computer resources and entertainment possibilities instrument of mediation in the development of intelligence. Alberto Machado, one of Venezuela, “the intelligence revolution Seix Barral addressed at a later time to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is not a day of activities, it must be recognized as such pilots now with the Internet, but that development in the 80’s decade also this direction early is structural and Nuveo say, is not to focus on intelligence, but the treatments available. It is true that well used from the computer to the Internet would develop much smarter. for you, of course, the instinctive side that makes the original equipment, and the network is to provide in the form of collective nerve, which applies to the practice of electrical circuits in the personal brain, it would be a mistake for the preparation of teachers in here, they believe that intelligence is what gives nature as they do not pay. Greetings from Viedma Eriberto-

In the same way that a calculator turning solve the problem, for example, and the computer and its various applications always add an additional step; Vygotsky also said: “All activity depends on the materials in which COGNISHIELD operates.”

But you did not sign anything, if the network such as nerve complex to add the ability to learn in the red zone I gave him, that is, with others then asynchronously center or asynchronous glass etc … anything that involves work differently from what it was in the way presentiality all this It means a new reading of teaching and learning strategies in these parts of realism.

Share your observations and interpretations and additions. It is also clear that in the future in the stream of self-learning, thanks to a new meaning as the “” because the network brings a clear action in a time of two intentions.

Exactly, I see that “modem” great mediator of synaptic “brain”, which consists of a number of “neurons” in the “network of networks”. One way or another extension of my mind a little to compensate for the limitations and / or disability, with this big brain, which is a huge online production. It is clear that serious logic in dealing with the show myself realistic, as the search and / or found.

The issue of unnecessary through interaction means is important, because they differ in terms of scope and potential, and employment opportunities, especially in the circumstances and conditions of use. Cognishield depends on the user and the operator, in a very wide range and well-known: suitable – not suitable. Immoral and unethical, and so on .. This is also a binary “yes” and “no” when “or” ruled, being neither hot nor cold, since ancient times, and response. Today everything is gray and not a man of “tool”, almost all the security bugs and errors and not the fault of the “machine”.


However, the potential of the Internet as a great synapses in the brain multimedia understand me, involve me, it is a fact, and great expectations, are not counted. COGNISHIELD is believed that as a kind looking to improve, improve, despite the fact that contributes in many cases to a number of “non-humanitarian” in favor of the Internet. A hope for more than a hypothesis.


I am pleased to welcome you, and also from here and share the concerns that encourages you and I encourage you to stay, because he is the way and the truth and the life, in search of new forms of life, and increase humanitarian feeling and appreciation. Do not forget, the indifference of those who believe that machines are not producing humanists. Naturally! Perhaps equally or more humanist who gave us “Chip” who gave Gioconda. At other times, other views, other circumstances now, especially for these species.
Type puzzle called Rubik. The best known is the Rubik’s Cube, and bring more benefits to the work of the brain than people think. This is a simple puzzle that everyone is treated than ever before, and assistance in the form of mental gymnastics for the growth of the brain.

What Cognishield improvement?

One of the most curious human beings, is a reaction to the problems that arise in life unexpectedly. Emergency accidents, or other unpredictable reasons for us to act quickly, often beaten, then repent of this interaction.

Regular practice of these games is the mind to process information more quickly and logically, and are looking for more effective solutions. Playing with the Rubik’s Cube and unknowingly, to analyze the various possible situations that may occur after several laps, and exercise your brain in a fun way. One … two of each face of the cube, anyway, the point is to make the brain work.

Another improvement is that the spatial intelligence, or the person’s ability to process information in three dimensions.

Aspects such as: COGNISHIELD Scam Or Legit ?


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